Jual Adapter Khusus SyscoBox Emmc Pro Box Anti Failed dengan tambahan VCC dan VCCQ melalui USB External

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SyscoBox Special SyscoBox Em Box Pro Anti Failed with additional VCC and VCCQ via USB External

Support for: Emate Box, RIFF 2 Box, Emmc Pro Box, Panda Box, Sysco Box, etc.


A. with additional Supplier USB VCC VCCQ

1. Can go to UFI Socket

2. Can to Emate Socket

3. Can go to Panda Socket

4. Can go to Sysco Socket

B. The four Sockets above can select VCC and VCCQ from Box or from USB

C. Can Pullup ON / OFF no saklarnya sometimes there is a type of HP type that asks in the pullup there is also a type of hp that want without Pullup

D. Can set VCC VCCQ manual to 1.8V 2.8V 3.3V live adjust according to requirement

E. Can to direct ISP with Pullup ON / OFF resistor option 100 ohm

F. Lines made larger with a minimalist adapter 5x5 cm in size to achieve maximum voltage


Simply plug in an external Adapter and Plug the extra USB into the Adapter (either usb to PC or HP Charger shell)

GUARANTEED VCC AND VCCQ STABIL (but depending on the driver also if the connection and the quality solderan ISP)

We've made many kinds of Adapter for other Emmc Box like UFI Easy Jtag RIFF ATF Emmc Pro etc.

Currently we are making Special For SyscoBox Adapter

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