Jual Converter Socket BGA dan Adapter Direct ISP Emmc All in One

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Sell various direct ISP Emmc adapters for Mobile Technician needs and Sell BGA Socket Converter (all in one)

ISP Emergency ALL IN ONE Adapter with enough solder ISP Pin can move / switch to all Emmc Boxes.

Save your POWER because it is enough with only Once POLSER PINOUT ISP Emmc Can change connections to ALL BOX EMMC .. AMAZING ... !!

Support for Box Emmc:

# GPG Emmc

# Emate Box

# RIFF Box 1

# RIFF Box 2

# Easy JTAG

# Easy 2 Plus

# SyscoBox

# ATF BIG Nitro Turbo

# Medusa Pro

# UFI Box

# Emmc Pro Box (ORT)

# Other boxes are pinoutnya same

1Bit 4Bit 8Bit

Component specifications:

Input Power 5 Volt USB Type B

20 Pin Header Box Emmc Socket

8 Pin RJ45 Socket (RIFF old and ATF)

Test Point Switch (repair FFU firmware emmc)

CLK2 Switch ON OFF (for ATF)

AMS Regulator 1.8V or 2.8V or 3.3V

USB 5V ON OFF Switch

VCC and VCCQ selector (to select voltage from BOX or from LDO regularor)

VCC and VCCQ selector for 1.8V or 2.8V or 3.3V

PULLUP switch CMD D0 for direct ISP

PULLUP Selector 1.8V or 2.8V or 3.3V

Output ISP Direct (for all box only one soldering direct ISP no need re-Solder to all Adapter)

Output 20 Pin Header Socket untuk Emate Panda Sysco Socket dan UFI Papa Socket BGA

100 Ohm Resistor Pullup (ISP)

Demo Socket : 

Demo Direct Emmc ISP :

Emmc sandisk lemah bisa terbaca kembali : 

Emmc Pro box Detect eMMC failed(3)). Solved : 

SMS WA CALL 0816967669

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