Jual Adapter khusus Emmc Pro Box Direct ISP PULLUP USB VCC VCCQ to UFI Socket

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Special Adapter Emmc Pro Box Direct ISP USB PULLUP VCC VCCQ UFI Socket Out


Direct ISP Emmc

Pullup Selector 100/150/160/180/200/240 ohm for CMD and D0

Can also if you want to select random pullup for example CMD 160ohm D0 200ohm or CMD 240ohm D0 180ohm or CMD 160ohm D0 100ohm etc will be free of random want to select any switch can with this adapter. Please note that the number in the long red switch 1 3 5 7 9 11 is D0, and the number 2 4 6 8 10 12 is CMD.

Demo :

VCC and VCCQ can change from BOX or from 2.8v 3.3v USB 1.8v Regulator

UFI socket Out is included

TP switch FFU firmware update included

Data transfer:

4Bit for Emmc Pro Box

8Bit for Emmc Booster Box

# Sysco Box Supported

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