Jual Adapter Khusus UFI Box Direct ISP Emmc dan Converter ke Panda Emate Sysco Socket

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  • Brand: Smart Connects
  • Product Code: Product 09

Adapter khusus UFI Box

Video demo : https://youtu•be/P0-duVD2G6c

Features: make the vcc and vccq its weak (less voltage even though it is in additional usb plug in the back side)

This adapter can add voltage with a choice of 1.8V 2.8V and 3.3V

Run on 8bit D0-D7

Can use for emate socket

Can use for panda socket

Can use for Socket

Can also for direct isp emmc

There is a switch option also for select VCCQ VCC voltage from Box / from USB

Thank you

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