EIP Tool - Emmc ISP Programmer for Reset Password Pattern Lock and FRP

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eTHR same with EIP Tool here https://www.smart-connects.com/our-products/ethr-emmc-tool-harga-merakyat-for-direct-isp-emmc-reader-with-bga-254-solder-pads

Support Software :
Emmc Raw Tool (free)
HDD Raw Copy (free)
HDD Low Level Format Tool (free)
Emmc Pro Box Software (gunakan opsi booster) (free)
MRT Emmc V1 software (gunakan MRT dongle)
Miracle Emmc Plus | Key Dongle Thunder (Huawei&FRP Aktivasi)
MK Tool Emmc (Activation)
UMT (Ultimate Emmc Tool) (Need Dongle Activation)
GSM Shield ISPTool
SFT Dongle Software (Need Dongle SFT WHITE/BLACK NEW)
MCT Dongle Software (can use dongle)

Spesifikasi :

Micro USB Input

Emmc Raw Module

Pilihan Regulator VCC VCCQ 1.8V / 2.8V / 3.3V

Pullup Switch

Reset Switch

Led Power

Led Programmer

Direct ISP Pin Output

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